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Holy Priest!

I’ve never had this many likes/reblogs in my entire life! now if only I could get some followers out of the deal, but who ever looks at the original poster of something? HAH!

I finally got a job as a Manrista at a local coffee stand! (yes, fully clothed) so i’ll probably be getting some new computer upgrades in the near future. 25mans HERE I COME!

When people look down on you for playing WoW

To be honest, I hate this with a passion. People who don’t play the game always seem to associate the game with nerds and geeks and anti social basement dwellers, and while I admit those people do populate our game, they also populate games like Halo and Call of Duty. A lot of my WoW friends are some of the most intellectual and social people that I know. This is what makes them such good WoW players, they understand their characters and realize that they need to practice with them in order to get better, but they also understand how to interact with the other people playing the game making them work well as a team member.
One thing I’ve noticed is that people who bash on WoW don’t fully understand the game, or lack the focus to actually play it. Some of my Anti-WoW friends have been converted to understanders after watching me raid, after realizing the amount of focus and knowledge you have to have in order to play end game successfully. The people who don’t play, but understand where the attraction to the game comes from are the ones who won’t bash on you, or back you up if someone else does.

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